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Our studio was established to train, inspire and equip dancers for commercial & competitive dance. DivaSnap Students are instilled with life long skills to potentially pursue a dance career with regular opportunities to compete with their routines. Our commercial dance studio, located near Parramatta, has always had the basis that new or existing students are instantly part of the DivaSnap family. Together we help achieve each other’s dance goals and provide an inviting and positive dance support system.

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Fantastic studio, amazing teachers and such a friendly atmosphere.

Amy Flanagan

Amazing studio with the most dedicated and caring teachers instilling a hunger in all students to achieve their very best. One big happy Diva family.

Jo-Anne Taylor

My granddaughter dances at this studio, outstanding studio, wonderful family atmosphere, with very dedicated teachers who are well trained and only want the very best for there students and are pushing my granddaughter to be her very best in what she loves to do!! Love watching my granddaughter enjoy what she loves at a great studio where she is loved and is getting pushed to be her very best. I thank you all the staff

Gail Young

My daughters have been changing studios for a while now and divasnap studios is the best by far. It has so many great teachers, that are improving my girls by the minute. My daughter's have made friends while they have been there and if they have a step or a move they don't get their friends will help 100%. The studios are great with stages halls and ballet bars to help. Definitely the studio to be at!!!

Elena Roch

My son (2.5) gets up every Saturday so excited to go to dancing. He gets all his clothes ready, eats breakfast and then asks if we can go see miss Heidi and Miss kealey. I love that we can drop him off, go grab a coffe, and when we come back we can see he's had the absolute time of his life.

Natalie Rebecca

As a plus sized dancer, it is hard to find a studio that is inclusive, supportive and challenging for me. Both DivaSnap's teachers and students have been welcoming and amazing after my first term. The choreography is challenging but not unachievable with practice, and the teachers have pushed me while making me feel comfortable. Love, love, love!

Kira Henderson

So much fun!!! And great teachers - really nice as well

Niko Kaay

Fabulous teachers, advanced teaching skills! Highly recommend.

Rita Beattie