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Terms & Conditions

Please make sure before enrolling into any courses that a parent, guardian and the student have become familiar with the terms and conditions we’ve set up for DIVASNAP STUDIOS.


The below provides some important but brief information relevant to all existing and prospective students who are wishing to enroll. Understanding the requirements of undertaking classes at our studio is a particularly important component of training, but ensure both parties have clear expectations – especially all references to age groups, payment & refunds.


Once a student is enrolled we lodge that you agree to our terms and conditions. We reserve the right to update these as necessary and you will be notified of any changes prior to changing them.

Age Groups

(Age is at the time of enrolment)


Mini’s: 2 – 4 yrs
Pre-Junior: 5 – 7 yrs
Juniors: 8 – 11 yrs (Yrs 3 – 5)
Pre-Teen: 12 – 13 yrs (Yrs 6 – 7)
Teens: 14 – 17 yrs
Adult: 18 and Over
Boys Only: Mixed Ages


Please speak to Aaron if you have any questions about age groups.


There is a $25 Enrolment fee which will be charged on the first invoice
(Class Price per week).

We base our classes around the school term schedule. Generally, there are 10 weeks to a term. 4 Terms in a year.

1 Class = $12
2 Classes = $20
3 Classes = $28
4 Classes = $36
5 Classes = $42
6 Classes = $48

Classes are Packaged from here


Minis/Pre Juniors = $15 for 3 Styles (1.15hr)

Juniors/Pre Teen $50 For Unlimited Classes

Teens/Snrs= $55 For Unlimited Classes


Solo, Duo and Trio

$25 For a Half hr Solo Lesson

$15 Per Student for a Duo or Trio

Fees are paid on a per term basis. Invoices will be emailed home to the email address provided on the enrollment forms as will all newsletters and notes. Please be advised that Term fees are due from 10 days after each invoice is sent out. These can be paid via cash, EFT or cheque.


No refunds will be given for missed classes unless notice is given before invoices are distributed. Private or duo lessons can be made up at a negotiated time.


Private, duo and trio lessons

Feel free to speak to Aaron to arrange a time for personalised half hour lessons in any desired style. You may wish to learn choreographed routines for competitions, or simply work on improving your technique, it is totally up to you!

Special Deals & Discounts

Families who have more than one child attending DivaSnap will receive 10% off their invoice each term.

Ask your questions?

Have any questions about our terms & conditions, feel free to clear anything up with us prior to enrolling.

We are always happy to have a chat!